Howto make a Dashbutton-Doorbell

Today I was able to fix a serious issue I had with the doorbell.
My old doorbell was a 433Mhz set, Transponder and receiver. But My home has thick walls and the office is way to far from the transponder to receive a signal of any kind.
So what to do?

I searched the net for solutions which are simple and cheap. It took quite a while to find a real useful solution.
The one I found was just what I needed. NotEnoughTECH on Youtube shows a solution that is just simple and cheap.

So I got myself an Amazon Dashbutton for 4.99€.
The Raspberry Pi with Node-Red is already running as part of my home automation anyways.

Lets start:

We need the following things to make it work.

– A Rasberry Pi. Model does not matter but I used RPi 3
Amazon Dash Button . Yes I used the one with the bunny.
– An enclosure for it to use it outside. I made these parts on my 3D Printer Doorbell.7z
– Your cellphone with bluetooth and wifi
– Your browser

First you need to install Raspberry and Node-Red.
Howto install your rasbian-OS
When that is finished you need to login into your Raspberry Pi’s console and install Node-Red from there.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install curl

bash <(curl -sL

Depending on your Pi, it can take up to 30 minutes to install. Follow the instructions on your screen to make it autostart.

Now that we installed node red you need to add the the packages we need to make the dashbutton work.
So lets install its dependancy and add the node.

sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev
npm install node-red-contrib-amazondash

NotEnoughTech made this great Tutorial that will help you alot and I cant write it any better.
Control Yeelight Smart Bulb with Amazon Dash buttons.
There is no difference in what you add at the end.

I send the signal to my telegram bot, show a note on my dashboard and my EchoDot tells me when someone rings the bell.
It just belongs in your phantasies what you do with it. But I will get a few more buttons for other stuff.

Many thanks to NotEnoughTECH who shows a solution for an interesting issue.

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